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The reason you're here is because you're searching for information to help yourself or someone you love improve their game.  Plain and simple, I know we can help you in your quest.  However, I need you to understand that I believe the only thing I can do as a coach is interfere with the natural learning of the ball player.  Nicklas Bernstein, Soviet Sport scientist, wrote "that when given a specific task the human body will align itself to perform the task in the most efficient manner."  Therefore, by definition, the only thing I can do, by introducing my biases into the training, is to interfere with the player's own ability to learn. 

I want you to know that this is not a "drill" site, per se.  There are a far greater number of more knowledgable technicians than me.  Because of that reason, I've included links on the left to what I believe are seriously, the best, cutting edge, genuine instructors.  Every one of them I've met, studied under, conversed with, and debated the concepts you'll find here.  The links will provide you with all the drills you'll ever need. 

Instead, I want to discuss the inherent flaws of training and repetition and uncover the missing tools needed to overcome the obstacles in our own way.  What I mean is this, because Albert Pujols swings in a particular synchronous pattern and is extremely successful doesn't mean that if I train just like Mr. Pujols I will achieve the same results.  Probably, I will fail miserably.  The factors that allow Mr. Pujols to extract every advantage from his swing may not coincide with mine.  However, what is more important is to understand the mindset and thinking behind the actions of Mr. Pujols. 

When the goals of the player are clearly defined, then the way to achieve them will be revealed or..."when given a specific task the body will align itself to perform the task in the most efficient manner."  This site is broken into 4 major sections.  The Mental, The Physical Training, The Physical Bat, and The Physical Pitch.  Use them as a guide to a better understanding of who you are as a player and what you want to accomplish.
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