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The old saying goes, "If you continue to do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got."  Yet, we continue to teach our  pitchers in the same way we were taught without regards to arm injuries and the idea that instruction can and has evolved.  Why we continue to destroy the innate athleticism in every abled pitcher and employ some "version" of some one's interpretation of mechanics is a question worth asking.  I refuse to believe the ideas that an arm has only so many pitches and can only throw so hard because there is some height and velocity chart in the cosmos. 

In particular order we train for arm health, care, and preperation for one of the most violent actions in sport - throwing a baseball, a desired objective of arm action, the use of the core and legs in support of the arm, each individual pitchers understanding of the sequencing of body parts, velocity and command, pitch selection and development, mental approaches and aspects, and discussion of constraints other than a physical interruption in the sequence of the athlete.

When the goals of the pitcher are clearly defined and the work ethic is evident and persistent, then the way to achieve them will be revealed or..."when given a specific task the body will align itself to perform the task in the most efficient manner." 
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